Ironbound Denim LLC:
Ironbound Denim provides their customers with unique, hand designed, cut and sewn jeans that are made with the finest denim available. The jeans are cut, sewn and sold out of Newark, NJ. In fact, all of the materials that Ironbound Denim uses to create their jeans are manufactured in America.

The inspiration for Ironbound Denim jeans comes from the 1940s and 1950s when quality was the priority in industrial production in the United States of America. The stitching for the jeans is lovingly guided by a pair of artisan hands on durable sewing machines that come from that by-gone era. This company goes so far as to use denim that is milled in America. The Ironbound Denim factory is run by artisan craftsman, Mark Mango.

The denim that Ironbound Denim uses is made in Cone Mills, White Oak Factory in Greensboro, North Carolina. This American denim mill produces the perfect 14 oz sanforized selvedge denim. This type of denim is true “vintage” denim as it is woven on old-school machines called shuttle looms. These looms were used every day in American denim mills from the late 1800’s to the mid-1900’s. In the 1950’s with increasing demand for denim, the mills abandoned the shuttle looms and adopted faster, mass production facilities.
Selvedge denim is desired because it is rare and expensive; it cannot be mass-produced; and each yard of denim is a unique piece of wearable art. Just flip up the cuff of your jeans or look inside the coin-pocket to see the neat white & blue “self edge” (hence the term selvedge), which is the “proof” that this denim is made on a shuttle loom and not a new mass-production loom.
At Ironbound Denim, even the cooper rivets are from Kentucky and are applied with a pre World War II cast iron manually operated foot press. Every step in the creation of a pair of jeans is completed with love and care.


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